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Rad 100 OD

Rad 8 NR
Rad 8 NR
Rad 100 N is a wireless area network (WLAN) router. It provides high access to the internet, with upstream/downstream @ speed of 150Mbps, utilizing 802.11 b/g/n wireless technology. The computers and devices with Wi-Fi functionality can wirelessly connect to this device and share high speed Internet connection. It is an ideal wireless broadband solution for both home users & small offices
  • Supports Remote & Web management (HTTP)
  • Supports Firmware upgrades via Web interface
  • Supports upgrades without reconfiguration of the device
  • TV over IP (IPTV)
  • Security cameras
  • Voice over IP technology
W3002R Wireless N300 High Power Router
W3002R Wireless N300 High Power Router