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Rad 2 NR

Rad 8 NR
RAD 2 N Wireless MIMO Bridge provides reliable and predictable wireless Bridge connection or Wi-Fi coverage. With this wireless access point you can: Augment throughput for high-bandwidth wireless applications , Protects you investment in wireless networking, Increase network reliability for high bandwidth applications. Data rates of 300 Mbps, Multiple input, multiple output technology for enhanced reliability, 2.4GHz radio module
  • Wide coverage A ccess Point for wireless client connection.
  • High power RF output for the more stable wireless connection.
  • Longer range wire replace in LAN.
  • High throughput for more bandwidth wireless network connection.
  • Different mode for wireless network connectivity (AP/ CPE/ Bridge)
W3002R Wireless N300 High Power Router
W3002R Wireless N300 High Power Router