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Rad 510 N

Rad 8 NR
Rad 510 N is designed for connecting wireless communication devices together from the wireless IPS networks, which operates in the 5.8 GHz band compliant with IEEE 802.11a standard. It supports a data transmission rate up to 54Mbps, with is best suited for enterprises, or off-site location required LAN or internet access without effort of networking wired cabling issue. For high level deployment, it also supports Power over Ethernet to create more wireless backbone networks without the environment limitation.
  • Wide coverage Access Point for wireless client connection.
  • High power RF output for the more stable wireless connection.
  • Longer range wire replace in LAN.
  • High throughput for more bandwidth wireless network connection.
W3002R Wireless N300 High Power Router
W3002R Wireless N300 High Power Router